I am a motion graphic designer and VFX artist based in United Kingdom, excelling in various software and continuously developing skills in new ones.
I am currently working as a freelancer and during my career I had the great opportunity to work for various clients with whom I've created very good relationships.
I always strive to be diverse and amplify the message across every platform in unexpected and memorable ways. I find myself a friendly person who love getting involved from early stages of the creative development and to use my wide range of skills to bring any ideas to life.
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Earth Lights Reveal
Earth Lights Reveal is a 100% After Effects template, created especially for Videohive.net which represents all the lights from the entire world being turned off and back on only in certain areas of the earth in such a way that forms a specific logo. To create it I used real images from satellite with the earth, atmosphere and clouds. The challenge was to create a realistic view from space. The project is very easy to customize such as: changing logo, colors, the side of the earth.

This project file can be downloaded from: