I am a motion graphic designer and VFX artist based in United Kingdom, excelling in various software and continuously developing skills in new ones.
I am currently working as a freelancer and during my career I had the great opportunity to work for various clients with whom I've created very good relationships.
I always strive to be diverse and amplify the message across every platform in unexpected and memorable ways. I find myself a friendly person who love getting involved from early stages of the creative development and to use my wide range of skills to bring any ideas to life.
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The Power of Writing
This is another personal project.

It started with the purpose of practicing the 3D modeling and I finished by making an AK47 as I am passionate about shooter video games.
Beeing excited about the result, I decided to use it in a project, and the main inspiration was the project created by Renato Marques for 66th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.